Leaving the Scene of an Accident in New York State

Any driver knows that car accidents happen and that it can create a serious fine as well as an increase in car insurance premiums. Drivers also know that hit and run accidents are also common. Some drivers leave the scene of an accident to evade any potential charges or because they did not think any damage was done. If you have recently caused an automobile accident and have left the scene of the crime, there are several important things you must do.

Drivers should understand that leaving the scene of an accident is a serious crime in the State of New York. A hit and run lead to serious criminal charges and jail time. There are different circumstances for hit and run accidents. If only property was damaged in the incident, a driver could face a misdemeanor. However, if another individual was hurt, charges are more serious. In 2003, the New York State Assembly reported that 8,000 motorists were arrested on hit and run charges. Between the years 1999 and 2002, it was also reported that 362 people were arrested for hit and run accidents where an individual was killed.

A vehicular hit and run accident is defined as a collision with an automobile and failing to stop and give identification of oneself or insurance information. If you have left the scene of an auto accident, the victim or witnesses at the scene may have reported your information to the police already. If the police have your automobile tag number, they may already be trying to find you at your location.

Make sure that you first call an experienced attorney to go with you to the police station if you want to turn yourself in or if the police pick you up at your home. You will not want to speak to law enforcement without an attorney present. The attorney can help you speak with police and provide legal assistance if the case goes on to court.


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