Successful Warrant Resolution Paves the Way for Client to Obtain Gun Permit

Case Synopsis

Up until this point, this client had lived a fairly peaceful life. The only trouble came in 2021 when he applied for, and was subsequently denied the right to have a firearm. Due to a misrepresentation of having no criminal record on the gun application, he also ran the risk of being fined and punished by the court. It turns out our client had an open warrant on his record since 1998, but it was only picked up when a background check was done. Now, he was faced with two dilemmas. With the resurfaced offense, he was being asked to appear in court to resolve it, and he had to demonstrate to the New Jersey State Police that his original misrepresentation was an honest mistake.

He reached out to us, and our legal team went to work. As it had been over two decades since the original incident that gave rise to the warrant, our counsel made several arguments contesting the validity of the warrant over twenty years later. Ultimately, the judge was persuaded by our arguments, vacated the warrant, and dismissed the underlying charges. Our client was then able to apply for and obtain a gun license.

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