Successful Expungement Leads to Client Becoming Police Officer

Case Synopsis

Old enough to know better, but not old enough to do better, as the adage goes. Our client came to us with a lengthy criminal record that included a felony, multiple misdemeanors, and municipal ordinance violations committed in his younger years.

Around three to five years ago, he decided to start the process of becoming a New Jersey State Police (NJSP) Officer because he saw how well the system could work to reform offenders. Unfortunately, he pursued the matter independently and was denied because of his prior convictions. After deciding to retain an attorney, the client reached out to our firm. We filed on his behalf under the Early Pathway through the Crime Spree exception, and after many rounds of objections, the case was ultimately granted. During the time it took us to fight for him, our client took the New Jersey State Police (NJSP) exam and scored in the top 10. As of just last year, he was being vetted for a full-time position in the NJSP.

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