Rosenblum Law Successfully Saves Young Driver’s License and Wallet

Case Synopsis

A client was a recently licensed young driver who learned the consequences of having a lead foot on the gas pedal. He was unaware of the impact a traffic ticket could have on his license. While traveling in Harrison, he drove at a whopping 40 miles over the speed limit! Once he was pulled over, the officer issued him an 11-point ticket and another 3-point ticket for an unsafe lane change for a total of 15 points.

The consequences for offenses with so many points are harsh. He faced license suspension and over $1,000 in court fines. At such a young age, it wouldn’t be uncommon for his insurance provider to drop him as a customer or exponentially increase his premium for being a “risky” driver. Our legal team went to work. After multiple appearances and negotiations with the town prosecutor, we obtained a huge reduction to only 6 points on his license, with a complete dismissal of the unsafe lane change ticket. This saved his ability to commute and hundreds of dollars in court fines, not including the savings on his auto insurance. Rosenblum Law saved the young man $1,200+ and the use of his license.

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