Rosenblum Law Helps Convicted Felon Seal Record to Reunite with Family

Case Synopsis

A client came to us seeking to have his criminal record sealed in New York. He had immigrated to the U.S. in 1996 as a green card holder. The transition was difficult for him, and it took some time to land on his feet. Unfortunately, in 1999 he found himself in trouble and obtained a felony conviction. After serving his sentence, he worked tirelessly in lower paying jobs to make ends meet. Eventually, he found a job that didn’t require a background check, and worked his way toward a successful career.

Sadly, he received news in 2019 that would force him to deal with the legal system once again. His mother, now living in Canada, fell ill. He would not be able to return to Canada and visit her due to his conviction. He urgently sought legal representation, and Rosenblum Law was there to answer the call. Within the year, we had the conviction sealed, and he was able to enter Canada with no problem to spend time with his mother and the family he hadn’t seen in years.

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