Expungement Case Helps Doctor Continue Practicing

Case Synopsis

We recently worked with a doctor who has been practicing for over two decades. Upon renewing his license, the medical board uncovered a conviction from 1981 for “Receiving Stolen Property.” Suddenly the doctor was on a time clock to expunge the offense within a given period or face the penalties of potentially losing his position and medical license.

As soon as we were contacted, we worked diligently with the clerk to scour through court archives to locate the superior court disposition and determine which municipal court had original jurisdiction. When a fingerprint report failed to locate the record, we had to base our search on an addendum that the medical board provided, and the information was found.

While we completed this process, we worked closely with the doctor to provide him with letters and a disposition for the board’s review to buy time. With our ongoing help throughout, the matter was expunged, and the doctor was able to avoid all penalties.

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