Driver Spared from Consequences of Unfortunate Speeding Ticket

Case Synopsis

Our client was a seasoned driver with an overall clean record. One day on the highway, she was pulled over for following the flow of traffic. The problem was that the flow of traffic was approximately 31 miles over the posted speeding limit, an 8-point offense. Thankfully, she remained cordial with the officer, answered when spoken to, and completely complied with the officer’s requests. This ended up saving her from complicating her case or inadvertently incriminating herself.

Speeding is a strict liability offense. This means all the prosecutor has to do is prove that you were speeding at least 1 mile over the posted limit, and you suddenly have points on your license. It isn’t uncommon for prosecutors to use statements made during the initial stop to support their argument. When it was made known that we intended to defend and negotiate the case, the prosecutor had no basis for not providing us with a strong reduction. Inevitably, we resolved the case for 3 points and spared our client from both receiving a higher insurance premium and paying the Driver’s Responsibility Assessment Fee imposed by the State of New York on those who accumulate 6 points or more, saving the driver a total of $900.

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