Client Can Embrace True Identity After Name Change

Case Synopsis

Our client came to us identifying as a transgender female who struggled with their gender identity for some time. The process of transitioning can be a complex and scary journey both emotionally and physically. Aside from realizing their true identity, they had also undergone medical procedures to align closer to their true self. They identified a particular struggle in their journey: being “dead named.” This term refers to calling someone by a name they were given before their transition. Our client suffered so much with this that they suffered from cognitive dissonance and were physically ill.

This name change was more than a matter of preference to them – it was a necessity. Their old name was a reminder of their past and almost a denial of their true self. Once the matter was granted, they were thrilled that they could now embrace their identity – unencumbered by the fear of being referred to by their dead name. Now, their life was truly ready to begin anew.

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