Client Avoids Criminal Record After Unlawful Arrest

Case Synopsis

In this case, our 18-year-old client was hanging out with a few of his friends in Newark. They were riding in a car down a street when they were suddenly pulled over by law enforcement, detained, then subsequently arrested. The ordeal lasted about an hour, during which everyone was subjected to a search of their person and the entire car. After some time under arrest, the officers on the scene charged them with harassment and possession of a firearm. The basis for their probable cause was a partial match of their car’s license plate.

Mr. Rosenblum handled the case personally. He reviewed all five officers’ affidavits of probable cause, over 6 hours of police body camera footage, and reached out to the county prosecutor to contest the validity of the stop as lacking the proper foundation. Shortly after that, the prosecutor agreed with Mr. Rosenblum’s position and subsequently dismissed all charges against our client — saving him the burden of having a criminal record.

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