A Name Change to Reflect a Spiritual Journey

Case Synopsis

Sometimes personal journeys and transformations can lead someone to desire a name change. Our client found herself in such a situation when she became so attracted to the study of Judaism that she fully converted to it. A part of the spiritual journey required that she obtain a traditional name within the new culture. After some time, she selected a name that resonated with her so deeply that she decided to make it her only name. To commemorate her decision, she purchased tickets to travel to Jerusalem.

This case came to us during a time when courts were learning how to manage COVID. They were faced with unprecedented backlogs. Still, our team was committed to completing the process. We worked to obtain the necessary documentation and an apostille (a form of authentication issued to documents for use in other countries), to help finalize the process. Once the name change was complete, we helped her update her documents, and she even made it in time for her international pilgrimage. This allowed her to fully embrace her new religious identity.

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