Politician Who Collects Votes…And Speeding Tickets
U.S. Rep Who Collects Speeding Tickets

Traffic Ticket Collector and U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem

According to the Rapid City Journal, South Dakota State Representative Kristi Noem has received ten (10!) speeding tickets over the past ten years.  Her most recent speeding ticket charged her with going 94 mph in 75 mph zone. She has also been charged with driving without a license.

Wait…there’s more.  If you look back to November 1989 her driving record shows a grand total of twenty (20!) speeding tickets and assorted violations for which she was mailed follow-up notices; she even had warrants issued for fines that were overdue but eventually paid.

Senior campaign adviser Russ Levsen said “Noem thinks the rules don’t apply to her…she repeatedly breaks the law, fails to appear in court and has multiple warrants for her arrest issued. The last thing we need in Congress is a politician who ignores the court dates and racks up arrests warrants.”

“Kristi apologized when she was asked about it today. She said the tickets were a result of haste and carelessness. She was trying to make up time over flat country highways, but that is never an excuse. She paid all the penalties and is working on trying to set a better example going forward,” campaign manager Josh Shields said Thursday.

So what do you say? Was she treated differently because she’s a well-known politician? One can only wonder how many tickets she could have been issued but was not…

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