How to Choose a New Name 

From deciding upon a new name to filing a petition for the change, and then making sure the name is changed on government IDs, bank accounts, and other important documents, the name change process can be overwhelming. Whatever the reason for choosing to change one’s name, the likely starting point is selecting what the new name will be. This article offers some helpful tips to help with that all-important first step. 

Brainstorm Names

A name should resonate with the person it will represent. Before choosing a name, people should brainstorm names they’ve always loved and even think about sentimental family names. We recommend thinking through the connotations of names and imagining the type of person that comes to mind when said aloud. Another thing to consider is if the person wants their name to blend in or if they want it to stand out. Obviously, names that are commonplace will elicit less of a response (both spoken and unspoken) than names that are out of the ordinary.

Look Through Websites

Websites for popular names both past and present – among others – are great resources when choosing a new name. These websites have thousands of names, making them easy to peruse and find one that stands out to the person looking for a new name. In addition, many websites offer information that could help with the final decision, such as the origin and meaning behind a name. Some websites that can be helpful include:

Choose Something Unique 

When choosing a new name, it doesn’t have to be a human name. The new name can be related to colors, plants, or even a word that the person finds unique and beautiful. Ultimately, the name will resonate and make sense to the person who will be using it, so it should be something they love.

Test the New Name Out

Once a person decides on a name or has a few options they want to explore, it is best to test the name out. One can do this by having a close group of friends call them by their name to see how they feel when referred to by their prospective new name. Another way to test it out is for the person to use it for their next coffee-to-go order or something similar. When the name is called out, they can decide how it feels to be called that name versus another. 

While the name change process can be challenging, it can also be exciting. Changing one’s name gives a person a new start emotionally and psychologically, as well as a chance to gift oneself with a name that’s truly loved and wanted. If you or someone you love is starting the name change process and needs legal advice, contact the experienced team of attorneys at Rosenblum Law. Our team has decades of experience helping clients in all areas of the law, including name changes. Give us a call at 888.815.3649 for a free, initial consultation.

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